The Messenger Movie: An Unbelievable True Story of Faith & Love | In Production 2020

About The Book

The Story

The Messenger is an incredible true story of a young man’s epic spiritual quest that takes him from the brink of death to a divine spiritual encounter where he discovers the true meaning of faith and love.

  • What if there are no coincidences, no chance encounters, and no mistakes?
  • Does everything that happens to you for a reason—a higher purpose God has for you?
  • How would your life change if you were shown proof that God exists?

Jamaica 1971

After having a divine experience upon nearly drowning in a swamp at the age of six, Bobby Clancy, is haunted by the feeling that something was missing, that there was more for him to discover. He embarks upon a spiritual odyssey into the realms of darkness and light and love and betrayal, where he is challenged by inner tests and shocking revelations toward a final confrontation with his faith that would deliver or destroy him. Along the way, he encounters remarkable characters as he begins to explore the nature of reality and self, which opens him up to a world of insight, inspiration, synchronicity, and compassion. A pool man who saves his life, a woman battling cancer who can run again and the how to trust God within a man likened to Frankenstein by school children, to name a few. But, after several life-changing downfalls, including facing near death, a father battling PTSD, the loss of two close friends, and the unraveling of the relationship with his first love, Bobby spirals out of control. At nineteen, facing a crisis of faith and self-worth, and in a deep depression, an extraordinary divine encounter with an angel unfolds, giving him a new faithful perspective of his life’s promise and potential. Through this celestial meeting, Bobby discovers his real purpose and how to share a message of hope and love with millions around the world.

“For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee.”
—Luke 4:10

The Book

The Messenger is a gripping true story of adventure and discovery of a young man’s journey to save himself.

After his life spirals out of control, he has an extraordinary divine encounter with one of God’s messengers. He is divinely inspired through hope, compassion and love to discover not only how to find his own life purpose, but how to show millions around the world to do the same.


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